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The 2022-2023 WILA Team


Nicole Dominato

WiLA would like to introduce you to the backbone of the committee, Nicole Dominato, our President! Nicole is a visionary. She is a thoughtful and confident person who is the best fit to lead our WiLA team. Nicole believes in facilitating professional growth and creating leadership opportunities for the community. She draws her inspiration from Michelle Obama, a leader, activist, and role model for many. Nicole has a likeable personality and is passionate about getting involved in causes for the greater good. She was an employee at WFCU Credit Union for five years holding multiple positions, most recently as the Employee Development Officer. Nicole is an adventure junky and loves the outdoors. Some little-known facts about Nicole are that she has ridden horses for over 11 years; played hockey almost her entire life; booked a solo trip to three European countries, and left three days later! Next on her list is immersing herself in the beautiful ocean and becoming certified in deep-sea diving. We are so glad to be led by such a dynamic individual. Welcome to the team, Nicole!

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Jessica Da Silva

Everyone, meet Jessica Da Silva (goes by Jess!), our VP of Finance! Jessica is a loyal, energetic and determined member that WiLA has the pleasure of welcoming. Jessica works as a Project & Operations Manager in the payment space as well as a Studio Manager & Fitness Trainer at F45.  She is a proud member of WiLA because she wants to stand for women in leadership and help grow the ratio of women in business. A woman that is a perfect example of demonstrating WiLA qualities is her mother; she has the most positive attitude and a contagious smile that strengthens those around her. Jess is full of life, she plays the drums, spent a month in Brazil and while on an exchange, snuck into a London Fashion Week after-party twice to network. We love a well-rounded individual to be a part of WiLA that brings spunk to the group. We are so lucky to have you, Jess!

Darshan Bhavsar

Introducing WiLA’s first male ambassador, Darshan Bhavsar, as our Associate VP of Finance! Darshan strongly believes in women's empowerment and the cause WiLA stands for while encouraging more men to be part of women-led organizations. Darshan has previously been an entrepreneur and worked in the tech consulting business. He is one of the most diligent, smart and funny people who lives a very spontaneous life. Once, he walked by a touristy place and realized they had bungee jumping! He did not plan, did not think twice and within the next 10 minutes, he was standing at the edge of a bridge ready to jump! Next on his bucket list is to go skydiving. He admires Madame Marie Curie who was one of the early female scientists who broke all norms and female stereotypes. She strived and made a name for herself, setting the stage for thousands of other women breaking societal inequality. We are very excited to have Darshan, our Finance Wizard in WiLA this year!


Dusha Jain

Introducing our VP of Marketing and WiLA’s happy-go-lucky soul, Dusha Jain! Dusha is passionate about marketing and has worked in the Media & Entertainment industry for three years. This passion and work experience has made it easy for her to ideate, produce and sell short-format audio videos, podcasts and games to customers across India. Dusha believes in empowering women and creating a safe space for them to voice their thoughts and grow in both their professional and personal journeys. She would want to see more women in leadership roles while they confidently aim and achieve higher for themselves. She takes her inspiration from Oprah Winfrey as she took risks and was willing to venture into new territory. One quote by Oprah that gets Dusha going every day is “Anything you imagine, you can create!”. Dusha is also a sports fanatic and can play over 10 different sports. Experiencing snow for the first time, Dusha is ecstatic to experience snow adventure activities like ice skating and snowboarding. Her empathetic personality led her to donate 12 inches of hair to a cancer organization to make wigs for young kids. We are elated to have such a dynamite personality on our WiLA team!

Isha Kalbag

Welcome, Isha Kalbag, our Associate VP of Marketing! Isha is an avid traveler, dancer, and ball of energy. As an explorer, she has taken numerous impromptu trips, the most surreal one being to New Zealand, where she aimlessly drove a caravan. Next on her bucket list is Rio de Janeiro! Isha has held multiple leadership roles in the past; the most exciting and engaging one was starting her own 3D printing business at the age of 20 years. She firmly believes that women should be in more leadership roles and showcased this by being a leader and giving opportunities to other women in her company. She admires Sheryl Sandberg's work in promoting women to be more aggressive in seeking success in this competitive business world. 'Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead' is a book published by Sheryl and is a must-read for upcoming women leaders to get inspiration.
Isha is a trained dancer in Bollywood, Jazz, and Hip-Hop dance styles. WiLA is so happy to have this compassionate, friendly, and energetic soul!


Ashley Patora

Please offer a warm welcome to Ashley Patora, WiLA’s Vice President of Events! Ashley began her professional career in real estate, but has transitioned into the aviation industry and is currently loving it. She joined our WiLA association because she is a strong believer in inspiring the future female generation to be powerful women in the profession they choose.  Her inspiration is Lori Greiner because she is a powerful and successful businesswoman. Ashley strives to be like Lori Greiner in her everyday and professional life! Some fun facts about Ashley are that she played piano for 11 years, went ziplining in the Philippines and got a spontaneous tattoo with a group of friends! Her current goal is to get promoted at her job, and with her ambitious, positive and adaptable attitude, we know she can do it! Once again, we are so excited to have Ashley a part of our team!

Ritika Singh

Say Hello to Ritika Singh, our Associate VP of Events! Ritika believes that there is no one SuperWoman in her life. Instead, every woman who; courageously speaks her mind, does not confine herself to societal norms and is not afraid to own her identity is a superwoman! WiLA is thrilled to have her on board, as WiLA and Ritika share similar beliefs.  WiLA's vision resonates with Ritika's outlook toward women. She is excited to be a part of a group of like-minded people who have the potential to work towards the cardinal motto of women's representation in the most effective way in today's world. Ritika has worked in collateral risk management and property underwriting while working and managing a team of around 35 individuals and gaining an array of experiences. To gain further knowledge and explore different opportunities, she is here in Canada as an international student away from her loved ones to make the most of her time and meet incredible individuals that are part of the TRSM community. If someone needs a shopping buddy or just an ear to listen, we have Ritika, an extremely outgoing individual! Guys, you are in for a ride as one of the craziest things she has done is go on a spontaneous no-luggage trip with her friends at 4 am to the pink city of India, Jaipur! Ritika is also a fanatic dog person who volunteered to foster four dogs during the COVID-19 lockdown. Welcome to the team, Ritika!


Sukriti Dutta

Let's put our hands together and welcome Sukriti Dutta, our Vice President of Corporate Relations! Sukriti is like no other, she is a professionally trained singer and is heavily invested in metal music. She was a project manager who handled process automation for global energy plants. She is a persistent, caring and easygoing person who was thrilled to join WiLA to hone her leadership skills. Sukriti is passionate about promoting gender equality in corporate and other spheres of life. She wishes to learn through diverse stories of how people broke through the glass ceiling and became successful individuals. Sukriti’s biggest inspiration is Angela Merkel who is one of the world's most powerful women, and Germany's first female chancellor. She loves to make spontaneous travel plans and is waiting to visit Alaska to see the northern lights. With Sukriti’s corporate background and passion for women's empowerment, she will be a pivotal member of the WiLA team. We’re excited to have you, Sukriti!

Sneha Kaluskar

Please offer a warm welcome as we introduce Sneha Kaluskar, the Associate VP of Corporate Relations! Sneha moved to Canada to continue her further studies after completing her Masters in India. She is currently a detail-oriented dietetic technician who manages the master menus for clinical diets within a healthcare setting, striving for her patient’s positive outcomes. She is a strong promoter of gender equality and women empowerment. Sneha believes in continuing education, networking, and connecting with industry leaders as this plays a vital role in making a mark in our competitive world. One of Sneha’s biggest role models is Michelle Obama. She is inspired by her self-identity, and growth throughout her various roles as an attorney, the First Lady, an author and now as a social influencer.  Michelle Obama’s campaigns and speeches in support of female empowerment around the world are truly inspiring to Sneha. Sneha describes herself as an “absolute foodie”. She loves to try different cuisines and is very curious about the various cultural influences different dishes possess. Sneha has the travel bug, dreaming of one day visiting and exploring Turkey. Our WiLA team is very lucky to have such a fierce, reliable and critical-thinking member!


Madison Lalonde

We would like to introduce Madison Lalonde, WiLA’s co-team manager! Madison recently graduated from TMU with a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Occupational Health and Safety. She is an active member of the Women’s varsity hockey team where she has served as Captain for the previous two years, bringing lots of leadership to our group. Madison has worked in the health and safety field at companies such as MLSE and Spark Power and has also been an academic consultant for athletes at TMU. She is a personable, honest and authentic individual who joined WiLA to network with peers and professionals who believe women have the power to make a difference in the world. She is excited to continue to learn and strengthen the skills necessary to be a leading female in male-dominated sectors. One of Madison’s biggest role models is Serena Williams because of her ability to balance motherhood and community involvement while being one of the greatest athletes of all time. A fun fact about Madison is she grew up in a town that had less than 10,000 people before she came to Toronto to further her education. She is an avid concert-goer, oftentimes deciding to attend events just hours before it begins. After finishing her MBA, she plans to travel to Europe! Once again, welcome to the team Madison!

Danielle Fox

We would like to welcome Danielle Fox (who goes by Dani!) as WiLA’s co-Team Manager!  We are so fortunate to have Danielle join our WiLA team this year. Danielle is a recent graduate from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Marketing and Management. During this time, she worked as a manager at Lululemon where she managed and oversaw a team's everyday success in guest experience, daily operations and community events. Danielle’s young talent brings loyalty, compassion and enthusiasm to our diverse group in WiLA. She has a passion to support women in power and wants to continue the advancement of females in leadership through education, mentoring and networking opportunities that WiLA offers, making her a great addition to our team! One of Danielle’s inspirations for women in leadership is Serena Williams. Serena is one of the greatest athletes of all time and uses her voice and position to change the lives of other women, especially Black women, which Danielle finds motivating. Some fun facts about Danielle are that she used to play Division 1 hockey for 4 years at the University of Connecticut where her older sister also attended and played. She has a dream to go skydiving and booked a last-minute trip to Florida with a group of friends to celebrate the end of her college career. Danielle is going to be impactful in the internal organization for WiLA! Welcome to the team!

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