The WILA Team


Kamila Gililova, President


Kamila is currently enrolled in the flexible Full-time MBA program at Ted Rogers Business School. Professionally, she is passionate about digital marketing and technology, and works within the Advertising Tech industry. She is a strong believer in equality and accessible education and opportunities for everyone. Kamila sees women empowerment and leadership as a crucial aspect of a fairer, more balanced and ultimately a better world. Her goal as a President for WiLA 2021-2022 is to support her colleagues in professional and personal development by facilitating skills building and networking opportunities through a carefully designed program. In her personal time, Kamila loves reading, hiking, traveling, connecting with family and friends, and above all having a great time with her two daughters.


Thabisha Mahamood, VP Events 


Thabisha holds an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and is currently enrolled in the Part-time MBA program. Her 11 years of experience in technology organizations has given her invaluable experience in networking and project management. She is passionate about creating conversations and connections that embrace and empower diverse perspectives. As the VP of Events, her goal is to provide valuable self-development and networking opportunities for students at TRSM. Her hobbies include travelling, gardening, and uploading videos of her cat Loki on Instagram.

Ridhima Kochhar_BW.jpg

Ridhima Kochhar, VP Marketing (she/her)

Ridhima is a full-time MBA student at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Before starting the MBA, she was working as a Product Manager in a leading Tech firm in India. She holds a Bachelor of Technology and nine years of experience in the software industry. As an IT professional, she has stepped up the ladder from Software Developer to Product Owner and has delivered more than twenty successfully running software products. She has participated in an event that held the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest human image of a Lighthouse. Her vision for WiLA is to enhance involvement and engagement among TRSM MBA students to promote networking and skill-building opportunities that will benefit her peers in the long run.


Merlin Alex, VP Finance


Merlin is a full-time MBA student at Ted Rogers School of Management. She was raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Christ University, India. Merlin comes to the MBA program with 6 years of experience working with leading global companies in the financial services industry. She primarily worked in the finance, vendor management, and operational resilience functions. Merlin is passionate about uplifting women and empowering them to break the "glass ceiling". As VP Finance of Ted Rogers MBA Women in Leadership Association, she aims to be a powerful ally for her female peers and encourage them to push back against gender bias and assume future leadership positions. After graduating from the MBA, Merlin hopes to transition to the Consulting industry. In her spare time, Merlin enjoys reading, travelling and music.